Last post, Sept 23?

Yes, that was right before I broke my arm! I was walking Diamond in the park, stepped into a dip and fell. Poor Diamond. I dropped the leash, knew immediately something was broken. My immediate fear was that Diamond was going to run. I looked for him (it was dark and I had been looking up at the starry night). Diamond, bless his heart, had simply laid down.

I needed surgery so I asked for someone to take him. A woman near Madison offered and someone from here offered to fly him to Madison! So, yes, Diamond got his first plane ride.

After two months of fostering him, his foster family decided to adopt him. They could see what a special guy he was.

Here is a link to his page on the MWCR websits:

We’re taking care of my son’s mentor’s dog over Christmas right now and then in January I will start fostering again. The break, while most of it was spent healing, has been good. We fostered eight dogs, one at a time in about 15 months.

Merry Christmas!