Prairie adopted!

Prairie’s new owner came to my house yesterday afternoon to pick him up. She lives in Hudson, Wis., and is an animal control officer and also a vet tech, so she knows how to monitor him medically. She will take good care of him. She has grown children and a roommate so even though she is on call 24-7 with the animal control, Prairie will not be left alone much.She emailed me early this morning to say he was settling in just fine, getting along with everybody.

The fun thing, is that she worked for my family vet for 20 years! She’s only a couple years older than me, so she wasn’t there when we were. Dr. Bob Nelson is retired now, but Kathi still works for the vet who took over his practice. She’s going to say hi to Dr. Bob. He was the best vet, and doctored two of my dogs, the main one being my first collie, Kelly. I got Kelly when I was in 9th grade. Dr. Bob spayed her when she was a teenager and put her down when she was 13. When Kelly was in for her spay, a reporter from the St. Paul paper was there interviewing Dr. Bob for a story. They ran the article with a picture of Kelly getting the anesthesia. He had it framed and hanging on his wall forever. Kathi remembers the picture. I had a copy of it, too, in one of my photo albums, but not sure if I still have it. I haven’t seen him since my mom died eight years ago.

So, another success story! I will take a small break, and then onto the next. It’s always so weird when we go back to just my own dogs. I can sleep with my bedroom door open again! And it’s less work, but it still feels weird.

Update on Striker (Swiper) is so cool to get updates on the dogs I foster. Striker seems to have found his perfect home. He was such a good dog and yes, he was pudgy. The family who surrendered him lived two burbs over from me and it felt like when we went out for walks he just wanted to head in that direction and had he been loose, I believe he would have kept on walking. The family felt they weren’t giving him the attention he deserved. Clearly his new family is able to do this. Beautiful dog. My first blue merle, too, and so far my only blue.