All is well

I got an email from Kathy today telling me of Mac’s first few days at home and she gave me the okay to post that and the pictures she took. The two dogs really compliment each other and Mac looks like he’s loving his new yard.
I just wanted you to know that even though I’m sure Mac misses you and KJ he’s doing well!  Last night Mac and Riley started to work on figuring out what it means to play.  I’m attaching a couple pictures of them getting acquainted.  You might be surprised to hear that I’ve heard Mac bark 5 times now.  Twice last night while he chased me in the yard and 3 times today again as he chased me while I was kicking a large ball.  I suspect he might not have been playing but I might have been being herded!  (Do I look like a horse?)  No matter what he was doing it didn’t include any nipping so we were both ok with it.  He ate real well and spent his first night gated in our half bath with access to a large crate lined with his quilt.  As you described we didn’t hear a peep out of him all night.  I’ve been using the NILIF program and he seems to be responding well to it.  He was timid again this morning and but warmed up quickly.  While I was working in the back fenced yard with the 2 dogs today twice I noticed that Mac got up from his spot and went over to lay by Riley.  He also at times followed him around. Riley appreciates that Mac is calm and not in his face.  Hopefully that will continue even after the “true” Mac personality is revealed.  We weighed Mac tonight.  As you might expect he weighs just 57#.  I’m glad to see he has a healthy appetite.  We are looking forward to seeing him fill out his fluffy coat.  Today he seemed to want to be wherever his people were even though he still sometimes cowered slightly when approached.  I expect him to feel more confident each day and we will be patient.  I’ll update you in a few days.

We let Mac roam the house this morning while we were away for about 2 hours.  Both Mac & Riley were looking out the front bay window when we returned.  Mac was barking some along with Riley.  He left the window twice to run to the back door.  Mike let both boys out and Mac was jumping around excitedly.  I think he’s overcoming a bit of his shyness.  (ha, ha)  By the way the cats were accounted for, too.


I know barking dogs can be annoying, but I’m actually glad to hear Mac is using his voice. He barked once at my house that I know of. I think Thor barked so much that Mac figured he’d just let him do it all.

Mac and his new family

KJ and I drove Mac back to Eau Claire today to meet his new family. And yes! They are Packer Backers. We met them at the same place I picked him up from Colleen four weeks ago to the day.
Colleen met us there, too, with Oakley. More on that later.
Mac was his usual shy self at first, stayed pretty close to me. I walked him around them, KJ gave Kathy some food to feed him and she eventually took the leash. We all stood around for about 45 minutes before leaving. Mac went right into their car. Kathy gave me a hug, which I appreciated. It is bittersweet, actually. I know he’s going to a great home and I’m really happy for him and them. They are getting a great dog. I think it really has more to do with Mac’s confusion than anything else. But it doesn’t last long. Dogs take what happens to them with such acceptance and more so when it’s done with love in a matter of fact kind of way. I don’t think he misses me, it’s definitely me missing him, but I’m okay with that. I think he’d remember me if we saw each other again, but the same way he moved on from his former life while he was here at my house, he will do the same at their house. 
Oakley is Diamond’s son. 
He is one of 21 puppies that came into MWCR  about a year and a half  ago from a breeder in Iowa. They had two litters born within days of each other, Diamond being the father of both litters. The puppies came in, some were adopted by their foster families. They all went pretty quickly. One of them went to Colorado along with Cody (one of my fosters). Diamond was surrendered last fall and was the foster dog I had when I started this blog. While Oakley is a sable, I can see Diamond in Oakley. They have the same shape and when Colleen walked him over to some grass, watching Oakley from behind, I could really see it. Their gait is really similar.
So, now I’m on a self imposed two month break from fostering. This seems to be a much better pace for me. I will be back here writing, though. I still have the stories from the fosters before Diamond.
There are MWCR events coming up, too, that I will post about. KJ is taping a one-minute video for us in Medina, Tuesday evening. Jane is taking him and he’ll bring Thor, too. He’s been practicing his script.


Mac is being adopted by cheeseheads near Green Bay. Forgot to ask them if they’re Packer fans! We will meet them on Saturday in Eau Claire.
I was thinking last night how it will be hard to see him go, but I know they will give him a great home. He will have a tricolor brother and I think, two, cats, and a bird to keep him company.

Walk in the woods

Sunday evening, we took all three dogs to explore a trail near our house. We were actually trying to find where KJ could get onto it on his bike because I’ve seen it intersect on several streets and it had a pedestrian bridge over 169. When he bikes to some friends from school, he has to cross 169 at 109th and even though there is a light there, I’m concerned about safety.
So, yes, we found out he can hop on the trail from Zane. This trail actually connects Coon Rapids Dam with Elm Creek Park.
The trail is mostly used by bikers, some of whom, didn’t seem pleased we were on foot, but we did see one person walking. We walked for maybe a mile and turned around as it was getting really buggy. For as long as we walked the trail stays within the woods. 
KJ had Brett on a separate leash, and I had Thor and Mac on the double lead. It took Mac a bit to get used to being attached to another dog, but he adjusted quickly and seemed to really like the walk. He’s not interested in what’s rummaging around in the brush, just enjoying the walk. He did great with the passing bikes and even a roller blader, no freaking out about wheels.
I’ve only heard him bark once. He gets really excited when I come home, but that is a yipping, excited talking to me. It might be that he lets Thor do all the barking, but I think he’s fairly quiet by nature.

New and improved Mac

Tomorrow marks three weeks with Mac. I can’t say enough what a sweet dog he is. This will be the hardest one to date to let go when the time comes. We haven’t had any bites since the first two, but to be honest I’m in no hurry to get rid of him!
I got him back up on the grooming bench for brushing and he stood and for a bit was shaking so bad the table was shaking, but he settled down and stood while I brushed and talked to him.

With the feeling that his profile pictures are from when he was still wet from his bath, KJ and I got outside with just him, to see if we could get some better shots. He’s very camera shy.
I got this one the other night while he was sleeping!
The little blanket is a quilt that was sent to us by a member who’s quilting group is making us these blankets to send with the dog when he is adopted. It’s supposed to be a crate blanket, but Mac doesn’t need to be crated so I keep it on the floor by my bed. He lays on it, but so do Brett and Thor.
Before we got started, the neighbor girl came over with her mom to chat. Maddie sat down on the driveway to pet Mac and he made himself comfortable.
Then we headed for the grass, walking him back and forth trying to get him to kind of stand alone.

Then we went inside and I wanted to try to get a shot of all the doggies lining up for treats. Probably should have had treats while we were in the yard!