Another lost dog.

I don’t know what the deal is lately, but another recently adopted MWCR dog has bolted.

Tri-color collie.
8000-8100 block Grey Cloud Drive
St. Paul Park
2-3 years old, 70 lbs., MWCR tag on his collar
Contact owner, 651-246-4992
MWCR Hotline, 612-869-0480
He is shy and will probably not come to you.

Settling in

In case there was any doubt, we are definitely adopting Woodson. He is settling in and playing with Brett . . . constantly, actually. We haven’t been to the dog park in a week as it got colder plus snowed a bit and I know that’s not a good reason, especially when going there helps with the energy level at home. They just chill for the longest time.
I’ve been trying to get new pictures. I’ll see the perfect one and I’m trying to keep the camera close, but by the time I turn it on and it warms up, the shot is gone. Last night after playing, I look down and see Brett on his back with Woodson laying next to him nibbling on Brett’s front leg. Brett is just laying with all fours in the air. Woodson then laid his head down on Brett’s tummy. That’s when I grabbed the camera, but as I said, they both moved before I could get the picture. 
One of Woodson’s favorite spots is on my bed, looking out the window. Prairie liked this spot, too. I have not been one to allow dogs on my bed. I try to keep the bed relatively free of dog hair so when I sit on it, I don’t get covered with it, especially if I’m going out. But with Woodson it’s more effort to get him off the bed than it is to roll myself. 
I also have a bedspread that I absolutely love. It’s a brushed cotton, quilted. I’ve had it for about eight years now and it definitely has seen better days. It’s starting to rip along the quilted lines in places. I’ve been looking for something similar but can’t find one in my price range.
Another thing we need to train Woodson for is sleeping in! He is definitely a clock dog. Monday-Friday I get up between 6:00 and 6:15. I have never been a morning person, nor will I ever be one. Working for 20 years at the newspaper was perfect for my body clock. I’ve been working mornings now for over three years and I ‘m still not adjusted, so I figure I won’t. But, it appears that Woodson is a morning kind of guy. If he’s sleeping on my bed, he sleeps longer. He was in KJ’s room last night and got him up at 5:00. Frankly, I’m surprised he was able to wake KJ up, but he did. I’m even more surprised KJ got up to let him out!
Woodson looking out my bedroom window.

Desi is now in her forever home. She’s being treated like a queen and loving it!