2012 Twin Cities Pet Expo

From MWCR organizer Terry Libro:


The 2012 Twin Cities Pet Expo held last weekend at the Minneapolis Convention Center was a huge success, both in terms of the number of people who visited our booth as well as the money we took in to help our Collies.

Our booth was busy both days. Many people stopped by to visit, including MWCR members, applicants, Collie owners, friends from other rescues, and people who couldn’t resist our beautiful, charming Collie ambassadors. Willie, Ilsa, Harley, Cindy, Phoebe, Lilo, Baxter, and Woodson were show stoppers who brought numerous people to the booth. Plus, their new MWCR donation vests made by Mary Hall were a hit. Our dogs wagged their tails and barked with delight whenever someone placed a donation in the vest. Linda Riegger had children lined up to get one of her magical face paintings. The prize wheel and Jezzebelle collars were a hit again. Kitty Hilk’s bags of gourmet dog biscuits were gone by the end of Saturday. Cat Olund’s homemade soaps with MWCR labels which we handed out to visitors barely lasted into Sunday afternoon.

The success of the Pet Expo is due to our generous volunteers and their dogs who give their time, enthusiasm, and support to help Collies in need. We were so fortunate to have at our booth Jennifer and Scott Swanson, their daughters, and Ilsa; Robin Kashuba and Harley; Mary Ann Statz and Cindy; Linda Riegger, Willie, and Baxter; Judith Roggow and Phoebe; Cat Olund and Lilo; Chris and KJ Norman with Woodson.

So, a big THANK YOU is in order for our wonderful volunteers and their great Collie and Collie wannabee ambassadors who represented MWCR so well, worked hard, had fun, and made the event a success!  You are the reason for our success and we greatly appreciate you.  Watch for the next MWCR Newsletter with pictures from the event.

MWCR Events and Fundraising Committee

Desi update

Got an email from Desi’s adopter with a picture. They had her professionally groomed, and have enrolled her in an obedience class. They’ve also made plans to meet up this summer with Desi’s breeder for a family reunion. They report that Desi is a good, loving girl and so willing to please. She’s wearing a jezabel collar!