Get ready to frolic with the collies!

The Collie Frolic, June 16 in Blaine. I think I have a great chance to win the Longest Schnozz contest this year with Woodson!

The 2012 Collie FrolicSaturday, June 16

11 AM to 3 PMStone Mountain Pet LodgeBlaine, MN 55449The event is indoors, so it will take place regardless of the weather.

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The Roving Photographer will be at the Frolic taking pictures of all the merriment.
Click here for the event flyer.
Vendors who will be attending include:

  • Ilga Cimbulis – Animal Communicator
  • Critters and All – Belly bands and poop bags
  • Kristin Elmquist – Canine Massage Therapist
  • Grey Gables Farm – Doggie biscuits, jams, hand lotions, etc.
  • Under My Spell – Gourmet chocolates

Information on small eyes

I contacted Striker’s (fka Swiper), family about Sophie’s eye. When I had Striker as a foster my vet thought he just had some conjunctivitis in his eye and gave him some drops, which I sent along with him to his new family. They found out through their vet that it was more than that. 
Vickie’s vet told her: his eyeballs are so tiny so there is nothing to hold that part of his eye in place. Bigger eyeballs hold down that lower corner lid. He assumed its from the breeding. He said he would bet all the other dogs from that mother have the same issues. 
This really sounds like Sophie has the same thing. Vickie gave me so much great information, that will be important to pass on to Sophie’s adopter. She said that Striker cannot see the floor and steps are hard for him. At night she shines a flashlight on the steps so he can see better, and getting in and out of the car requires help. They don’t give him drops, as there is no irritation. Vickie even went so far as to cover her own eyes halfway in an effort to see the world how Striker sees it. What a great and empathetic thing to do! 
There is a surgery where she said even if a specialist could stitch down the eyelid, Striker’s eyes are so small that it probably wouldn’t help. Her vet said he was sure Striker was this way from birth so doesn’t know any better, so they just give him special treatment, which Striker definitely enjoys!
I’ve seen new pictures of Striker and he’s even more gorgeous than when I had him. I believe he’s going to be featured in an upcoming newsletter, so will be able to link that here when it comes out.


We took Sophie to the dog park yesterday evening and she loved it. She’s a barky one. No issues with other dogs, but her herding instinct is strong. She’d start toward another dog, but didn’t really stay with it, seeming to not want to get that far away from us. This could be a sight thing, too.

Bunker’s departure and Sophie’s arrival

Bunker’s new family picked him up Friday morning. He did what he does, went up to them quietly asking for attention. His new sister mostly ignored him, but they got on well enough. They sent a picture from the road.
They said when they got home, Bunker found the toy box right away and grabbed a squeak toy, couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from, even barked at it, then finally figured it out. He was back at the toys bright and early Saturday morning.
I have a feeling that more of his personality will come out with them. Not only is it a good match, but from what adopting families tell me, they see new sides to the dog that I didn’t here. It’s all about dynamics. Brett is a dominant dog, but he does it in a subtle way that we barely notice it, but the dogs know. He can keep dogs from playing with toys here with just a look. I think now, with Jenna as his canine sister, he will shine.
Sophie is here. I picked her up this morning in Excelsior. She’s a very  thick-coated tricolor collie. She’d been staying with the woman who brought her into the rescue for a few days, coming from a family that didn’t want her anymore. A transport was arranged for today. I love these transports and it’s amazing how people step up to do them. I’ve had so much going on this weekend, and it was so nice to only have to go to Excelsior.
Sophie is a sweetie. She made it through a storm tonight. Was a little restless, but no dog has been as bad in storms as Fergus was. He tried to jump through my vanity mirror, thinking, I’m guessing, that it was another room he could go into to get farther away from the storm. 
Sophie needs to lose more than six pounds. I took her for a walk around the park and she was huffing and puffing. She and Woodson have started playing already, which is quick for new dogs to do.
Her coat is dry. She was groomed and she’s still blowing her coat, so will need a lot of brushing. 
She has the tiniest eyes I’ve ever seen on a collie. I don’t know if it’s officially the CEA (collie eye anomaly), but I’m pretty sure it will be an ongoing issue. I don’t think she can see downward. She sees fine in front and above, but used her nose to find a cracker that was clearly visible. She’s UTD on everything, so will have the vet look at her eyes when we get the microchip put in. 
She is a very nice dog. Let some kids come up to her in the park and she was friendly to them. She’s fine with the cats, too. 
Will start getting pictures ASAP!