An amazing before and after

Laddie, a new intake to MWCR. I’m not sure who is going to foster him. The person who picked him up is holding him until he goes to his foster home. She gave him a bath and has been brushing him. I wish I could have taken him, but it’s just not the right time.


Overnight foster

I have Andy here overnight. He’s on his way to southwestern Minnesota where he will be fostered by, I’m told, someone who will probably adopt him.
He is a collie mix, discovered at a Milwaukee shelter where he was soon to be put down to make room for “4th of July’ strays.
He was very matted, and when those mats were cut away, maggots were found in a wound in his neck. Not sure the wound was caused by the maggots, but that is already clearing up. 
He’s definitely had some training. He listens well, knows sit, down and no/hey.
I took him for a walk right away, then kept him on the leash inside for about a half hour, then let him explore the house. Eventually he laid down and slept. It’s been a long day. 
He’s very friendly. Hard to capture with my cell phone, but that’s the only camera I have right now.