Happy Halloween!

Still no adopters for Rocky. I really wish someone would find him, but I know the right home is waiting for him. I’m going to try to get some new pictures of him on his bio. His coat is still short, but growing in and he looks so much better.
In the meantime, I want to give a shout out to a friend and MWCR member, Mary Hall’s website. 
All kinds of things for your puppies, custom made, too!

1 1/2 months

It’s been one and a half months since Rocky came to us and I’m seeing such a different dog. You can tell he feels fantastic! His coat is coming back in, there is a spring in his step and he’s holding his head up higher. He’s playing with toys.
I’m considering leaving him loose in the house and see how things go. He’s been loose in the basement for a few days with no problems. 
And he let me sleep in this morning!
When he came in he was so miserable looking. Now he’s settled into our schedule and is there to greet me at the top of the steps any and every time I come in.
Such a happy, sweet dog.
Let’s have the perfect family come forward now to adopt him!

Still cold from yesterday!

But we had a great time yesterday at the Great Minnesota Pet Together.
I told KJ to dress warm and off we went. He brought his iPad because I had this great idea that if anybody wanted to see our available collies we could go to the website. He would have brought it anyway, though. The event was at the International Bazaar section of the state fairgrounds in St. Paul. 
As we walked in, just a few booths away from the MWCR booth, the ipad slipped out of the blanket KJ had wrapped it in and fell face down on the cement floor. He stood there stunned. A woman stepped out saying, “Let’s just look, it might not be bad,” but no such luck. It spiderwebbed pretty good, but was still working, so that was good. He was pretty bummed out for awhile, then eventually came around to his normal charming self. He and his friends planned a trip down to the MOA after he got home so he was able to talk to an apple person about what he needed to do and how much it will cost. So, plan in place and he’s feeling MUCH better. 
We spent the rest of the day at the event with several volunteers and their dogs, Shelby, Robin’s white collie, Maui (hope I spelled that right), Cat’s sable and white collie, Phoebe, Judith’s mahogany and white collie, also a certified therapy dog. My dog Woodson did better at his second event and Rocky did really well, greeting people as they walked by. Such a sweetheart. He met two potential adopters, who will probably adopt other dogs, but there are more people inquiring about him, so it shouldn’t be long. We do know for sure, Rocky should not be around small children. He’s fine if they come up to pet him, then leave. It’s when they stay and jump around, moving their small fast feet that he doesn’t care for. I was so sorry to disappoint the one family who really wanted to adopt him, but I didn’t feel comfortable. They were willing to work with him, but I want them to be safe. I have no doubt they will find the perfect dog.
It was very cold. Not Minnesota winter cold, but low 40’s with a chilly wind making it feel colder. Rocky’s fur is growing in, but I brought a sweatshirt to put on him and after an hour or so, I did. I didn’t take any pictures at the event. I think my brain was cold, too! I did take this one as we got home.
I don’t think I saw a short-haired dog that didn’t have a coat on.
A big thank you to Terry who worked all day at both events (the Harvest Howl in Forest Lake). She set up St. Paul, then went and set up the other one and worked at that one, came back to St. Paul to pick everything up and back to Forest Lake to get that stuff, because St. Paul started earlier and ended earlier than FL).
Rocky’s dental on Thursday went really well and his teeth look fantastic! He’s lost weight, doc says his body is working really hard at taking in nutrients and growing that coat back out, so I’m increasing his food, feeding him twice a day. He only needs to gain about five pounds. Doc says he’s not a big boned fellow and should stay under 70 pounds.

Moving right along

Rocky is doing well. I brought home a tennis ball I had at work today and he was playing with it! Tennis balls don’t last long around here. Brett chews the up until they’re in pieces.
He goes for his dental work tomorrow and I’ve been speaking to a few people who are interested in meeting him. One is a family who have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. I’m really not comfortable sending him to a family who has small kids. He’s very sweet and friendly, he greeted a woman on our walk earlier, but the sounds of kids at the playground make him nervous. And I can’t really go up to someone and say, “excuse me, but can I test my foster dog with your child?”
He chases KJ when he runs down the hall, but doesn’t grab or bite. He plays with Woodson, but not Brett. He loves the walks we take and is more and more interested in what is around him. He would take off after squirrels if he was loose. He loves Tuffy, the maltese next door.
His shaved areas are starting to grow out just in time for the cooler weather.
We’ll be at the Great Minnesota Pet Together Saturday afternoon 1-4 p.m. at the Fairgrounds in St. Paul.
A good test for Rocky to see how he does around people passing by, etc.