Dog park, vet, new home!

I’m really going to miss this dog. I told his new family I’d take care of him anytime they needed it.
I’ll be taking Buddy to the vet this afternoon, then run him out to his new home. I’m excited for him, but will still miss him.
KJ and I took all three dogs to the dog park yesterday. There were some muddy spots, but overall it was dry. Buddy did really well. We let Brett and Woodson loose in the entryway, so they just run in and take off. I kept Buddy on his leash at first just to see how he does. It was crowded. He did well enough to let him off pretty quick. He was going up to strangers and asking for attention which is new. Maybe it’s when they come to him first that brings on his shyness.
At one point he had wandered over toward the entrance, so I called him back to me and as he’s trotting toward me, Brett goes pell mell to him and literally slams into him head on. Buddy was stunned and was limping a bit. Wow. 
He walked it off and was okay, but geez, Brett. Woodson knows through experience, to stop and turn when Brett charges him. I’m guessing Brett thought Buddy would so the same. That can’t have felt good for Brett, either.


Buddy’s visit last Saturday went really well. He met Tessa, a British Lab and would-be sister. They got along  great. Mom had white collies growing up. I could tell they really wanted him, but having a dog is a big decision, let alone having two and two young dogs at that. Buddy is actually one of the most mellow puppy I’ve ever had. He will need to adjust to Tessa’s playing style which is a bit more rambunctious than Woodson, but he will. 
They decided that yes, they want to adopt him. I have to take Buddy back to the vet to finish removing stitches from his surgery on Monday, then the plan is to take him out to Minnetonka.
Here’s a link to Buddy’s bio page: