Hannah’s Arrival

Hannah’s In The House!

Just got home with Hannah and it looks like she’s already playing with Brett and Woodson. They have run back and forth from my room several times. I walked her in the park before I brought her in the house where I learned she LOVES squirrels. I’m lucky I keep a tight grip on the leash. She also does some major scratching after she pees. Pretty funny. Brett does this a little, it’s when I know he’s done, cuz sometimes he goes, walks a bit then goes again. Hannah scratches for about six feet away.
Her owners were really sad about giving her up, but it’s gotten really hard for them to walk her and she has a lot of energy. They seem like really great people. Have had so many dogs and cats in their lives. Have been previously involved with Northern Lights Greyhound Rescue. I was able to stay for a bit and talk to them, but I needed to get home and get Hannah settled in before I left to pick KJ up from work.
She’s well-trained, used to a crate, in fact, loves her crate. She will lay down when you tell her ‘place’. I’m trying to get some pictures now, but she’s very busy checking the house out.
She’s been spayed and doesn’t need shots until next June. She has a microchip but I will need to get it scanned to get the information. Such a sweet girl. Small, especially when she stands next to Woodson. She’s half his size, but a healthy, thick mahogany coat. Her nose looks short, too, compared to Woodson’s, but he has a really long nose!
I’ll get some pictures this weekend and post them asap!

New arrival

Foster dog #20

Hanna is a small 5-year-old rough sable and white female collie.  She is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, and is micro-chipped.  She is being surrendered because the couple who own her both are disabled and they feel bad for her because they are not able give her the care or exercise she deserves.  It breaks their hearts to give her up but they are thinking of her.
Hannah is a good dog who has had a couple levels of obedience training.  This small collie (40-45 lbs) is friendly toward people and ADORES children.  She is good with both dogs and cats.  She walks very nicely on a leash and rides well in a car.  Hannah is used to being around someone who uses a cane.  She does not chase cars or bicycles.  Her owner does not consider her a barker; she barks but not a lot.  Grooming is tolerated but she can be finicky when you brush her back-end or hit a snarl.  If loose in the yard she may leave the yard to go visiting especially if she hears or see children nearby. 

Hannah has no health issues and no fears/anxieties.

She’s close by, too, so no transport needed. I’ll get more details tomorrow and will probably be able to pick her up this weekend, if they’re ready. 

Update on Lady: she’s had her test for Addison’s disease and it was negative! She helped her human brother move to college this past weekend.

Lady Update

Lady was adopted on Sunday by a wonderful family who is absolutely the perfect match for her.
There was some turmoil leading up to it, as she had a post-surgery complication that made the vet think she has Addison’s Disease. He had to pump her full of steroids so the stimulation test for Addison’s can’t be performed until those leave her system, and her new family is going to follow up on this. 
They sent two pictures of Lady on their deck and an update, saying since their house has all hardwood floors except for the third level of their home, they had to carry her upstairs the first night, but that she’s adjusted quickly to the bare floors. This often happens with dogs who have never been inside. At my house I have flooring in my entryway, bathroom and kitchen. She got fairly used to the entryway, but avoided the other two spots.
Looking at these pictures I wonder what the chances are of her becoming a water dog??? I’ve never known a collie that was, though. We’ll see.