Cody’s arrival

Terry picked up Cody from St. Paul Animal Control yesterday and brought him to Skyline for vetting and told me they had approved boarding through his neuter, but that isn’t scheduled until Monday. Since I’m off work today, I went and picked him up, to keep him at home through the weekend. He hasn’t been eating, so good to have him here where he can unwind from all this stress.

When I called this morning Heather said he was a little stinky, so I should probably give him a bath. They used to do grooming there, but don’t anymore. Cody jumped right up into the back of my Jeep, and off we went. Within seconds, I realized that ‘a little stinky’ was relative to a vet tech, who comes across stinky a lot. Wow. I don’t know how long he was at the shelter, but, I had to crack the window in the rain to get some fresh air.

Before we came into the house, I took him across the street into the park where he did his business. Came in and walked right into the house to meet Brett and Woodson. No issues. He has already tried humping both and also tried to mark, but a simple ‘hey!’ takes care of that and neither of my dogs will allow him to do that. Woodson keeps growling at him when he walks up with that intention. We may have a fight at some point, so I think he will need to be crated for a while, when I’m gone to make sure he and Woodson don’t have problems, as Woodson is loose in the house. I’m told Cody had free run of his previous house. Neutering should take care of this, too.

He’s a little matted, knows sit and lay down. I will brush him out this weekend. Feels good to have a foster again!

#22 arriving this week

Winter is over (hopefully), so that means my fostering season starts back up. This winter was a particularly bad one, cold and a lot of snow.
Cody was surrendered to St.Paul Animal Control by a family who is losing their house. He is being picked up today and dropped off at the vet for vetting and neuter. His neuter isn’t scheduled until Monday so my plan is to pick him up tomorrow afternoon and keep him here for the weekend, so he doesn’t have to stay in a kennel. He is 2.5 years old and good with kids and other dogs/cats.
It’s been raining here steadily since Sunday, but is supposed to start drying up in a day or so. I think I need one of those rain slickers for walking the dogs in the park! Easier than carrying an umbrella.