Canine Carnival

I’ll be taking Cody to the Canine Carnival at the Wildlife Science Center, today. Hopefully the rain will hold off. Last year it rained on and off all day. This will be Cody’s first event and I know he’ll do well. He’s so friendly. Not sure how he will react to the wolves. At some point they should get all the wolves howling. I brushed Cody this morning and got a few more of the mats out from behind his ears. He continues to do really well during the grooming.

I took Cody and Brett to the Maple Grove dog park yesterday. I just couldn’t face going to our regular place. It was Woodson’s favorite thing to do. I’ll go eventually. It’s a great dog park. Wide open and grassy. The Maple Grove one is inside Fish Lake Three Rivers Park. It’s all wooded and really more of a walking park. Brett loved running through the woods. Cody seemed to like it, too, but he stayed pretty close to me as I walked. He’d probably be really easy to train to heel.


Saying goodbye to Woodson


Woodson when he first arrived.

The reason I love collies so much makes it so hard when they have to leave this earth. I know all dogs are special, and that people love certain breeds because of how certain breeds tend to be. Collies generally have a gentle intelligence that I don’t find in other dogs, but I’ve had more collies than other breeds. I know Brett doesn’t have it. He’s whip smart, but just doesn’t have that collie nature I’m trying to explain.

I had to say goodbye to Woodson last night. He had had a seizure May 1st, and being on unemployment and a part time job, I really couldn’t afford all kinds of testing. The vet wanted to see if he was going to have another one, and know how often he would be having them before putting him on medication. I was giving him a melatonin because my research said it could help calm brain issues. Couldn’t hurt.

I was working at Foss last night, and stopped to get something to eat with Brigitte. KJ called to tell me Woodson was having a seizure and it looked really bad. I told him not to touch him and make sure he didn’t fall down the steps, etc. He hadn’t seen the other one, and I previously told him what to do if he had one when I wasn’t there, but I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about that. He was just coming home himself. When I got home, expecting Woodson to be out of the seizure, I found him still on the floor, stiff with a shaking head. KJ had put a fan on him. I didn’t really know what to do. I kept expecting him to get up like he did the last time. After realizing that KJ found him this way, I knew we had to get him into the emergency vet in Coon Rapids. KJ called them, and I got Woodson onto a blanket and we both got him into the back of the Jeep. Ten minutes later we were at the vet. Decisions about DNR and how much treatment he might need, plus other paperwork. They took vitals and the vet was talking to me about his history when they let him know Woodson’s temp was 108. I knew that was high, but the vet told me right away that probably wasn’t something he would recover from. Compared it to heat stroke, and that even if he was saved, he would probably crash again in 24 hours. It was time to stop his suffering. I stayed with him while KJ waited outside, choosing not to be in the room.


Woodson came to me as my 12th foster. You can find his initial post here. I had lost Thor a month before to cancer. Looking at his picture, I thought he looked funny with his white nose. Thor and Kelly both had brown noses, and most of my fosters did not have the white blaze. The breed standard is to have the white stripe. Woodson’s was wide the whole way up his head. My plan was to continue to foster, but my first memory of him was when he jumped out of Terry’s car with his long legs and I knew I was going to keep him. We were told he was probably two years old. A stray who had been turned in to a vet in southern Minnesota. They dubbed him Bruno (Mars). After throwing around several names, KJ preferred Clyde because his nose reminded him of a Clydesdale horse, I landed on (Charles) Woodson to go along with Brett (Favre).

The first trip to the dog park and I estimated his age to be closer to a year as it really looked like he wasn’t used to those long legs. Running like a colt and tripping all over himself. He grew more coordinated and his coat really filled in over this past winter, which would make sense on my timeline. He wasn’t going to have the traditional massive collie coat, but it did flow in the wind. He hated water, but loved everybody. He had this look on his face whenever he looked at me that said, ‘I just love you so much’. If I let him he would prefer to be in my lap. All 70 pounds of him.

My last memory of him is from yesterday morning at the dog park. He loved to do a perimeter check and was on the far side of the park. Some people were walking to the gate on that side that led to a pond. I didn’t think he would try to leave with them, but I called him anyway. His head came up and he took off like the wind to get to me, as if he couldn’t get to me fast enough, smiling the entire way.

My big doufas:

KJ and Woodson

KJ and Woodson at Twin Cities Pet Expo


He was a fantastic fund raiser

Christmas tradition

Christmas tradition

on bed

Half on window sill back half on my bed

Hey Phoebe!

Hey Phoebe!

Big doufas

Big doufas




Sweetest face


Shade at the dog park.

New friends at the dog park

On the chilly side today, but we went to the dog park anyway. The dogs don’t care. I’m the one who has issues with cold. We walked the perimeter, so I could warm up, and stopped at the top of the hill. I love the view from up there.

View from top of hill at Brooklyn Park dog park

View from top pf hill at Brooklyn Park dog park


Cody liked it up there, too.




We met a man with a smoothie! He told me he did a DNA panel on him from Wisdom Panel and the results were both parents were collies, but there was catahoula in a grandparent. I still want to get this done for Brett. I will probably be surprised with the result. We’re pretty sure he’s Aussie, but also feel he has catahoula. The guy knew more of the breed’s history. The Louisiana state dog, bred to herd pigs. That would explain Brett’s roughness.

Smoothie Joey

Smoothie Joey


Joey, Brett and Ozzie

Joey, Brett and Ozzie

His other dog is a border collie/cocker spaniel mix who has qualified for the National Agility competition that will be held in Lake Elmo, I think he said, the first weekend in June. Would be fun to go to that.

And finally, a picture of Woodson doing what he does best . . . barking.

Barking Woodson

Barking Woodson


Cody shows incredible patience with a puppy

I didn’t get any pictures, but there was a nine-month-old miniature doodle (can’t remember if it was lab or golden, but he was black), at the dog park. Cody is very social and wants to meet all the dogs. He seems to like the smaller dogs and wants to chase/herd them. This pup turned the tables on him, and was constantly going after Cody’s mouth area. Cody was very patient and not once snapped at him, even though he probably deserved a little lesson in manners.

Weeing update: I get Cody into the garage to attach the leash. He’s still peeing when I do this, so at least it’s on the floor in there. I noticed he started to sit as I was hooking up Brett and Woodson. This seems to do the trick, so smart dog, teaching me what to have him do. He did pee once, while he was sitting, though. An MWCR member that works near my house, drove by today as I was heading back to my house from the park. She stopped to meet Cody. I explained his issue and she thinks it might just be excitement weeing. At any rate, whoever adopts him needs to know how to deal with this. I’m leaving him loose in the house without any problems.

Dog park success!

A beautiful Saturday morning means bringing the doggies to the dog park. Since Cody’s been here a week, and is five days out from his neuter I decided to bring him. He’s bonded well with my dogs, and is off the pain meds.

Codydp2We were greeted by several dogs right at the door. I let Brett and Woodson run right in, kept the leash on Cody until we got inside and I could see he wasn’t being aggressive. In fact, it would appear Cody doesn’t have any issues. At one point Brett did his slam dunk right into Cody’s chest and Cody acted as if he didn’t even notice. He did then start keeping a better eye on Brett. With Pearly last fall this would have resulted in a fight.

Cody does seem to have a couple weird things going on. He seemed to be marking with poop. He would be doing the sniffarooing with several dogs and then poop. This happened about three or four times in the hour we were there. Never seen that before and I’m thinking this might stop once the hormones have diminished. He also pees when I hook his leash to his collar. I’m getting him into the garage now before I attach the leash.

He found several friends and I was able to get a video of him running and playing. He is cowhocked, as was my first collie, so when he runs he has a bit of a hop. He trots sideways like Woodson. And I now have three very calm doggies.


Deck time and eating

Yesterday proved to be an in and out day. Out on the deck when the weather was nice, then back inside to get out of the rain. Anytime I open the sliding door to the deck, Brett and Woodson can’t get out there fast enough. Cody has been unsure about what this is all about. He stayed inside the door. Even Lily could not entice him to come outside.



I patiently waited, reading my book. Was it the wood floor? The noise of cars driving by? Not really sure. With other fosters my concerns are about them realizing this deck is up off the ground and they need to be careful about not jumping up on the railings or go over the railing.

Eventually Cody did venture out and realize that there are many things to look at. I almost got a classic ‘nuthin but butts’ but Woodson turned just as I snapped the picture.




Eventually Cody seemed to feel safe and started to enjoy the view and fresh air.




We seem to have figured out Cody likes to dine late and with company. Wednesday, I fed him at the regular time, in my room and he wasn’t interested. I put his dish up, but tried again before bed. Set it down and stood there with him and he emptied the bowl. Yesterday I gave him his food in the afternoon and stayed with him. He ate a few bites, but wasn’t interested, even while I stood there. So, before bed last night, I set it down, and he cleaned the dish. A bit weird, but at least he’s eating!

Settling back in

Cody is back home from his surgery. And back to not eating. He will eat people food. I got some beef broth and poured some on his food and I think he took about three bites. I’m going to try mixing some cheese in. The vet said to give him hamburger and rice. I don’t get why he won’t eat. What is he waiting for? I know he’s hungry. He will eat what I’m eating. But he needs to eat his dog food because I’m not going to fix him sandwiches.

I’ve noticed he has a weeing problem when I come home. He cowers a bit as if he thinks I’m going to scold him or hit him. This is only when I come home from being gone. He hasn’t done anything, but he comes down a few steps lowers his head and before I can get the leash on him and outside, he’s dribbled a bit. Will need to figure out how to get him out the door quicker. He piddled on the floor at the vet when they brought him out, too.

We go back to the vet in two weeks for removal of the stitches and in the meantime can start the process of getting him adopted!

Cody’s neuter

Brought Cody in this morning for his snip-snip. I’ll be working at Foss tomorrow afternoon into the evening and KJ works, too, thus no one will be home to keep an eye on him, so he’s staying until Wednesday. Dr. Speltz just called to let me know he came through the surgery fine. Per Terry’s request he checked him over for sore hips. Terry thought he may be experiencing some back or hip problems because he didn’t want to jump into her car or out. I forgot to tell Doc that he’s been jumping in and out of my Jeep fine.

I left Cody loose in the house a couple times yesterday when making some short trips. He was fine. He’s also had full run of the house overnight, so I think it’s okay to leave him loose. Tonight will be a good test as I go to Foss and KJ works.

He didn’t eat his food yesterday. I didn’t put anything on it. I’m thinking maybe I could get a chicken broth and just pour it on a bit and see if that helps him eat. I’m just not the kind of person who gives my dogs food other than their kibble and treats, which is a four star food (out of five on this site), I get at Fleet Farm for less than $30!

So far on our little walks, Cody seems unfazed by most of what he experiences. He wanted to run to a dog on a leash that passed by as we were in the park. This morning workers were cleaning the pavilion after a large party last night and while I had to drag Brett past, Cody was fine. They were using a blower on all the garbage they left on the floor. I’ll vacuum today while he’s gone, but I don’t expect him to have any issues with that. He’s a pretty calm dog.

Full frontal collies

I know there are other dogs who love laying on their backs, but it is definitely a collie pose. Mostly because they have double coats, they do this to be cooler, but I think it’s also a comfortable position. Personally, I prefer sleeping on my back. I was reading the Sunday paper this morning and glanced into the hallway and saw this:


Luckily I was able to get the picture before he moved.

Yesterday I took Woodson to the No-Kill Walk for Animals. Held at the International Bazarre at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, it was well-attended. We had steady traffic stopping at the MWCR booth, seeing regulars and new people. Robin brought her foster, Prince, who was so friendly and vocal, he really did his job to attract people to the booth! I got a chance to walk around and visit other booths, seeing some familiar ones, but I saw a lot of rescues I’d never heard of before. I love that there are so many working to help homeless pets. I initially wanted to bring Cody, but they required the animals be neutered, and that is happening tomorrow!

Cody ate his dog food yesterday!

Cody has found his voice and is now barking at noises. Not a lot but he definitely alerts to things, making him a good watchdog. He continues to do well on a leash. Terry bought him a collar and matching leash from the booth next to us. It’s a regular collar and is working well. He hasn’t tried to slip out of it.

This afternoon, I’m heading to the Collie Flower Party with Woodson. A member organized this, to have collies visit the Catholic Eldercare facility in NE Minneapolis. Looking forward to seeing how Woodson is in this kind of setting. I want to get him certified as a therapy dog. My plan for the summer is to get out each day and work on his obedience for 10-15 minutes a day, even if it’s in the dark!