lassie5I dropped Lassie off at the vet this morning for her spay surgery. Got a call about noon letting me know everything went fine. He did say it looked like she had gone into season and wasn’t completely done with it, but it didn’t complicate the surgery. I will pick her up tomorrow afternoon and she will then be available for adoption in two weeks!

I went to the anxiety seminar at Petco yesterday. Actually I went on Saturday, as their website said both days, but no one was there. It really didn’t contain a lot about calming your dog, other than ways to get their attention, thus diverting it. But I did learn a few things. While the trainer was talking Lassie was standing with her back to the trainer, turning to look at her, every so often.  And even sat down for a bit. So she’s telling the trainer that she’s not going to be aggressive, but is wary. I learned how to take a treat and bring it up to my nose in order to get the dog to look at me. Lassie was interested enough, but didn’t want the treat. I bought some other treats and will see if she likes those.

When we got home, I took just her and walked around the pond. This way I could focus on her leash training without having Brett interfering.  It went way better than the last walk we took. She did freak out at a baby swing hanging from a tree, but we got past it. She’s not trying to get between my legs anymore, but I still have to keep pulling her to where I want her to walk, or kneeing her to keep her from going in front of me. Progress!

Fireworks and your dog

Always good to be reminded of this. I’m guessing Lassie will be pretty freaked out by this, although she didn’t seem to be afraid of a storm.

10 tips to keep your dog safe during July 4th fireworks

While Lassie is doing better with navigating the house, she seems to be getting worse with her nervousness. She’s fine if it’s just me and her. Add in KJ or anybody in the park and she wants to hide. In the house, she tries to hide by climbing the back of my chair or trying to get in between my bed and dresser, or into my closet. Outside she’s determined to get back to the house any way she can. I may start giving her some of the melatonin I have to see if it helps calm her down.

Trying a longer walk

I wanted to try a full walk around the park last night with Lassie. At regular speed my route takes about 20 minutes, give or take, depending how often I let the doggies wander. There is a very popular disc golf course that basically runs the perimeter of the park, a pavilion and playground in the center, tennis courts, golf course, baseball field, basketball court and a horse shoe court. Monday nights a league is usually playing horseshoes and there is a lot of clanging. I knew it would probably take me at least an hour to make it around, but I wanted to expose Lassie to the distractions. There was a softball game going on, too, so huge opportunities here.

I brought Brett, hoping he would be a good distraction for Lassie. We got going and first up was a guy getting up on the second tee, I think it is. He threw his disc and Lassie completely freaked out. I had the leash hooked to the choke instead of her martingale collar, knowing this could be an issue. She spun around like a top. I got her calmed down and started walking again, trying to keep her moving. As I headed toward the softball game, I realized this was just going to be too much. So we turned around, crossed the street, walking farther away from the disc course. This was much more comfortable for her. We passed my house and I decided to continue down the cul-de-sac so we could walk around the pond. When we got to the pond, several kids on bikes appeared. Lassie was afraid, but not nearly as bad as earlier. The kids left their bikes in the grass to climb on a wall. I asked them if Lassie could come and sniff their bikes. One asked if she bit. I said no, but asked them to be patient and not come up to her. I explained to them that she was afraid of so many things because she’d never been out of her yard, and that I was trying to teach her that all these things don’t have to be scary. They all sat on the wall while Lassie sniffed at a bike and we went on our way. I should have taken a picture of them all sitting on the wall. I think I will start taking just Lassie on the walks. Easier to manage her fear w/o the second leash.

She appears to be house-broken. I woke up this morning to realize I forgot to gate the upstairs, so Lassie had full run of the house overnight and no surprises. Yay! I don’t think I would leave her loose in the house while gone during the day, though. She’s afraid of KJ when he comes home or appears from his room. I told him to talk to her more. Her adopters will definitely need to get her into socialization classes.


A vet visit and a bath

LassieYesterday was vet day and Lassie is negative for heart worm and has her shots. She still needs the distemper shot, I couldn’t remember what her owner told me, but I actually talked to her this morning and she said all she has was puppy shots. Vet didn’t see any evidence of fleas, but said her skin/fur was dry.

Today KJ and I took Lassie and Brett to a self wash place in Robbinsdale. The Bark and Bathe. I don’t think Brett has had a bath since last summer. I brush him every so often, but not enough. He won’t hold still so it’s difficult. KJ washed Brett and I washed Lassie. She looks soooooooo much better. All fluffy and smells much better. I then brushed her as much as I could tonight and was able to get the mats along her back out. Behind her ears will need more work. Now to just get more pictures!

She’s doing better on the leash. I got her a new martingale collar. She got freaked out tonight by some frisbee players in the park. Brett doesn’t like them, either, so maybe she was sensing his unease. This morning I gave her a dog biscuit and she took it in her mouth and acted like she didn’t know what to do with it until she saw Brett eating his, then ate hers. I thought, hmmm, wonder if Brett can teach her to like carrots. Brett LOVES carrots. Didn’t work.

Tomorrow is the annual Collie Frolic in Blaine. Would love to bring Lassie, but she’s not spayed yet, so I won’t. It would be a good experience for her, though.



LassieHuge strides last night into this morning and wow, she has incredible bladder control.

We’ve gone from carrying to dragging to crawling. She’s going up and down the steps better, still extremely tentative. Last night we came back in from a potty break, which she didn’t take advantage of, and I brought her up into the living room and left her there. Got settled into my book in my room and would call her each time I heard her whine. About a half hour of this and she finally came upstairs on her own. I feel like a proud parent! Her desire to be with me is stronger than her fear of the steps.

She has come face-to-face with Lily, who is my cat that lets the dogs know in no uncertain terms, to leave her alone. Hissy-fit could be Lily’s nickname.

This morning Lassie was going up and down the steps on her own with encouragement. She has not, however peed since Monday afternoon. I was out several times last night and for 15 minutes this morning. Will try again when I get home. This doesn’t worry me, too much. A previous foster, Mac, holds the record of three days. Seriously. I don’t know what his body did with it!

Lassie’s first night

She’s just really scared. That’s my conclusion. When I put the leash on her (with a choke chain, because I don’t want to lose her), she tries to hide in a corner or attach herself to something. She creeps along the floor and outside she lies down. Being in the yard got a bit easier on the last trip out last night. She took care of her business. We came in and I got her upstairs. I gated off the hallway and she had full run of my room and the hall. Gave her some dog food. She kept tipping over the bowl, and pushing it around, so I finally just left the food on the floor and put the bowl up. She was quiet most of the night. She would definitely try to chase the cats. So far, no real meeting with them yet. This morning she greeted me when I got up. I thought she had eaten her food, but really what she did was push it all into a corner. Weird. I put it in the dish and then into the basement where where she will spend the day while I’m at work.

I’m having trouble making the name transition from Cody to Lassie. This is normal!

Classie Lassie



That’s her name. The pictures are just some early quick shots, as she wouldn’t hold still for long. She was born in April, 2013, so she’s just over a year old. Her owner got her as a puppy and was starting to house-train her, etc., but had to have heart surgery and then her husband was in the motorcycle accident, so Lassie has been an outdoor dog since last fall. I had to carry her into my car. I didn’t bring a crate, and should have. I had to pull over on 94. She was trying to get into the front seat and I couldn’t push her back. I attached her leash to a hook on the rear wall of the Jeep and she then couldn’t reach me.

She is definitely a flight risk. I will be the only one handling her until she gets used to the leash. She’s been in a fenced yard her whole life. I had to drag her out of the car, then carry her into the house. She even put a paw out and caught the door as I came in. I did take her out into the park for about 20 minutes. She didn’t do anything, but buck and pull and jump. At one point she did a leap into the air and flipped over. She was fine, but that is how bad she is. Let’s hope she learns quickly.

So, I have her in the basement with a crate she can go in if she wants to. I’m just going to let her calm down some. Then will take her out again later. I have some waterless bath spray I will work into her coat and try to brush her out a bit. She’s stinky and matted. She’s really pretty, though. White-factored. Her mom was white and father tri.

IMAG0394 (1) IMAG0392 (1)She has met Brett and showed some dominant signs, arching her head up over his back. Brett just ignored her.

Cody’s hand-off went well. All the paperwork was done online, so all I basically did was hand him over. I know he wanted to get going as he had a long drive back. It was pouring most of the way east and now that I’m home, the sun is out and it’s going to be a really nice evening.

Cody adopted and Foster #23

I’m bringing Cody to meet his new owner in Eau Claire tomorrow and then meet someone in Cadott who is surrendering her year-old collie and will be my next foster. She is elderly and her husband was in a motorcycle accident and is home now, but needs a lot of care. She doesn’t want to do this, but knows it’s best. That’s all I know about her now. Her name is Lassie, which we will probably change. I can see myself at the dog park, calling “Lassie’ and feeling ridiculous.