Cody adopted and Foster #23

I’m bringing Cody to meet his new owner in Eau Claire tomorrow and then meet someone in Cadott who is surrendering her year-old collie and will be my next foster. She is elderly and her husband was in a motorcycle accident and is home now, but needs a lot of care. She doesn’t want to do this, but knows it’s best. That’s all I know about her now. Her name is Lassie, which we will probably change. I can see myself at the dog park, calling “Lassie’ and feeling ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Cody adopted and Foster #23

  1. Chris – I love that you make this a priority in your life – it is such important work that you do. You are an inspiration,
    Peace, Karin

  2. I’m so glad that Cody found a home. He was a sweet boy. I’m excited to hear about your new foster. Maybe he will be a good fit for us! I can imagine that the lady who is giving him up is very sad today. He will be in the best of hands though so that will give her some comfort. Good luck today!

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