Classie Lassie



That’s her name. The pictures are just some early quick shots, as she wouldn’t hold still for long. She was born in April, 2013, so she’s just over a year old. Her owner got her as a puppy and was starting to house-train her, etc., but had to have heart surgery and then her husband was in the motorcycle accident, so Lassie has been an outdoor dog since last fall. I had to carry her into my car. I didn’t bring a crate, and should have. I had to pull over on 94. She was trying to get into the front seat and I couldn’t push her back. I attached her leash to a hook on the rear wall of the Jeep and she then couldn’t reach me.

She is definitely a flight risk. I will be the only one handling her until she gets used to the leash. She’s been in a fenced yard her whole life. I had to drag her out of the car, then carry her into the house. She even put a paw out and caught the door as I came in. I did take her out into the park for about 20 minutes. She didn’t do anything, but buck and pull and jump. At one point she did a leap into the air and flipped over. She was fine, but that is how bad she is. Let’s hope she learns quickly.

So, I have her in the basement with a crate she can go in if she wants to. I’m just going to let her calm down some. Then will take her out again later. I have some waterless bath spray I will work into her coat and try to brush her out a bit. She’s stinky and matted. She’s really pretty, though. White-factored. Her mom was white and father tri.

IMAG0394 (1) IMAG0392 (1)She has met Brett and showed some dominant signs, arching her head up over his back. Brett just ignored her.

Cody’s hand-off went well. All the paperwork was done online, so all I basically did was hand him over. I know he wanted to get going as he had a long drive back. It was pouring most of the way east and now that I’m home, the sun is out and it’s going to be a really nice evening.

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