Lassie’s first night

She’s just really scared. That’s my conclusion. When I put the leash on her (with a choke chain, because I don’t want to lose her), she tries to hide in a corner or attach herself to something. She creeps along the floor and outside she lies down. Being in the yard got a bit easier on the last trip out last night. She took care of her business. We came in and I got her upstairs. I gated off the hallway and she had full run of my room and the hall. Gave her some dog food. She kept tipping over the bowl, and pushing it around, so I finally just left the food on the floor and put the bowl up. She was quiet most of the night. She would definitely try to chase the cats. So far, no real meeting with them yet. This morning she greeted me when I got up. I thought she had eaten her food, but really what she did was push it all into a corner. Weird. I put it in the dish and then into the basement where where she will spend the day while I’m at work.

I’m having trouble making the name transition from Cody to Lassie. This is normal!

4 thoughts on “Lassie’s first night

  1. Thanks Angie. I’ve had two other fosters (Baron and Diamond), who were really shy/not leash trained, but she is probably worse than them or my memory has faded.

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