LassieHuge strides last night into this morning and wow, she has incredible bladder control.

We’ve gone from carrying to dragging to crawling. She’s going up and down the steps better, still extremely tentative. Last night we came back in from a potty break, which she didn’t take advantage of, and I brought her up into the living room and left her there. Got settled into my book in my room and would call her each time I heard her whine. About a half hour of this and she finally came upstairs on her own. I feel like a proud parent! Her desire to be with me is stronger than her fear of the steps.

She has come face-to-face with Lily, who is my cat that lets the dogs know in no uncertain terms, to leave her alone. Hissy-fit could be Lily’s nickname.

This morning Lassie was going up and down the steps on her own with encouragement. She has not, however peed since Monday afternoon. I was out several times last night and for 15 minutes this morning. Will try again when I get home. This doesn’t worry me, too much. A previous foster, Mac, holds the record of three days. Seriously. I don’t know what his body did with it!


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