A vet visit and a bath

LassieYesterday was vet day and Lassie is negative for heart worm and has her shots. She still needs the distemper shot, I couldn’t remember what her owner told me, but I actually talked to her this morning and she said all she has was puppy shots. Vet didn’t see any evidence of fleas, but said her skin/fur was dry.

Today KJ and I took Lassie and Brett to a self wash place in Robbinsdale. The Bark and Bathe. I don’t think Brett has had a bath since last summer. I brush him every so often, but not enough. He won’t hold still so it’s difficult. KJ washed Brett and I washed Lassie. She looks soooooooo much better. All fluffy and smells much better. I then brushed her as much as I could tonight and was able to get the mats along her back out. Behind her ears will need more work. Now to just get more pictures!

She’s doing better on the leash. I got her a new martingale collar. She got freaked out tonight by some frisbee players in the park. Brett doesn’t like them, either, so maybe she was sensing his unease. This morning I gave her a dog biscuit and she took it in her mouth and acted like she didn’t know what to do with it until she saw Brett eating his, then ate hers. I thought, hmmm, wonder if Brett can teach her to like carrots. Brett LOVES carrots. Didn’t work.

Tomorrow is the annual Collie Frolic in Blaine. Would love to bring Lassie, but she’s not spayed yet, so I won’t. It would be a good experience for her, though.


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