Fireworks and your dog

Always good to be reminded of this. I’m guessing Lassie will be pretty freaked out by this, although she didn’t seem to be afraid of a storm.

10 tips to keep your dog safe during July 4th fireworks

While Lassie is doing better with navigating the house, she seems to be getting worse with her nervousness. She’s fine if it’s just me and her. Add in KJ or anybody in the park and she wants to hide. In the house, she tries to hide by climbing the back of my chair or trying to get in between my bed and dresser, or into my closet. Outside she’s determined to get back to the house any way she can. I may start giving her some of the melatonin I have to see if it helps calm her down.

2 thoughts on “Fireworks and your dog

  1. Have you tried using a Thundershirt on her? We used one on our pitmix. It worked really well. It did take her a few times of wearing it to finally get comfortable, but I have heard of other dogs that have no problems and LOVE them.

    • I know people who use them and they are very helpful. I did give her a melatonin last night and she knocked out, so will keep using that and also ordered some Rescue Remedy. Also found an anxiety seminar that happens to be this weekend at my local Petco, so can hopefully get advice and some tools to help her.


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