lassie5I dropped Lassie off at the vet this morning for her spay surgery. Got a call about noon letting me know everything went fine. He did say it looked like she had gone into season and wasn’t completely done with it, but it didn’t complicate the surgery. I will pick her up tomorrow afternoon and she will then be available for adoption in two weeks!

I went to the anxiety seminar at Petco yesterday. Actually I went on Saturday, as their website said both days, but no one was there. It really didn’t contain a lot about calming your dog, other than ways to get their attention, thus diverting it. But I did learn a few things. While the trainer was talking Lassie was standing with her back to the trainer, turning to look at her, every so often.  And even sat down for a bit. So she’s telling the trainer that she’s not going to be aggressive, but is wary. I learned how to take a treat and bring it up to my nose in order to get the dog to look at me. Lassie was interested enough, but didn’t want the treat. I bought some other treats and will see if she likes those.

When we got home, I took just her and walked around the pond. This way I could focus on her leash training without having Brett interfering.  It went way better than the last walk we took. She did freak out at a baby swing hanging from a tree, but we got past it. She’s not trying to get between my legs anymore, but I still have to keep pulling her to where I want her to walk, or kneeing her to keep her from going in front of me. Progress!

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