More comfortable in the park

lassie10Lassie continues to feel more comfortable with her usual surroundings. She walks well on the leash, and doesn’t try to jet for the house at every little thing. She shied at a tree branch that caught her eye from above. It’s basically just exposing her to more and more giving her confidence that nobody’s out to get her.

I’ve had some young puppies at my house temporarily, and she’s done well with them. She started out making one cry by being too rough while playing, but learned quickly to be more gentle. Am down to two, and yesterday she was letting them take the bone away, then would take it back.

She’s a good watch dog inside the house. Feels safe. She’s still shy with KJ, but he mostly breezes in and out and hasn’t spent a lot of time with her.

Keep your fingers crossed she finds her forever home soon!

Huge step forward!

I got home from work yesterday and decided today was going to be the day. I was going to take Lassie around the park if it took me all afternoon. Got both dogs leashed up and off we went. There were some disc golfers passing by, so we waited, then headed across the grass to the walking path. She tried to go back home a few times, but once we got out of sight of the house she calmed down enough to start exploring the scents keeping a wary eye on everything. We even made it past the playground. Then came a big test of encountering another walker coming toward us. She tried to get away, I made her sit in the grass as he walked by, then started out again. We waited for another golfer near the hockey rinks. Had a couple pass us, got past the tennis court where people were trying to play badminton. Then encountered the same guy we first met. He stopped to ask about her and Lassie let him pet her. She even licked his hand, all the while standing ready to bolt. Got back home and she never once went potty, but the trip was successful! I didn’t check the time, but it was probably only about ten minutes longer than normal. So proud of her!

Her profile is up on the website and we already have someone who has applied specifically for her.


Quick update on Lassie’s incision

This is what Lassie does with dry food.

This is what Lassie does with dry food.

All seems to be well. I kept the cone on most of Saturday. She managed to get if off when I went for a swim. Broke one of the cloth ties. So I left it off. Doctor said the redness should be gone by Sunday, and it was. She was trying to scratch a bit, but I’m guessing since the stitches were gone and not cutting into her skin anymore, she felt way better.

She never peed yesterday and is off her food again. Each time I took her out, there was something that bothered her, and when that happens she’s focused on getting back to the house. I fed her the soft food mixed with dry and she refused to eat it, so I’ve gotten more canned and will keep giving her that mixed with the dry. She needs to gain back that five pounds.


The cone of shame

ConeLassie got her stitches out today. They were inflamed. When I checked two days ago, they were fine, but she had a patch of redness where she’d been able to scratch with her rear foot. This patch was above the stitch line. Today the stitches were an angry red. Dr. Ryan said they had folded in and because of swelling the stitches were digging in. They gave her penicillin and want the cone on for 24 hours. If she tries to scratch I will put socks on her feet. If the redness is gone by tomorrow she should be fine. She’s pretty busy with the cone, and hasn’t tried scratching, so far. I wanted to get her to the dog park today, but she’s supposed to rest. So, she’s on benedryl, too, for 24 hours.

She’s lost weight, about five pounds, but she is eating better with me mixing in wet food this past week with the dry and today I am transitioning to soft food mixed with the dry.


Seeing more and more of the real dog

  • Lassie has found her voice. At 4 a.m., 5:30 a.m., 6 a.m., 6:45 a.m.
  • I don’t have to get up until 7:15 a.m.
  • She and Brett are now playing well together. A lot.
  • She’s doing better and better on walks. A street sign sent her packing the other day and she was wary of the garbage can after trash day. I think she gets used to her usual surroundings then something will surprise her. She’s not freaking out as much with people in the park. Still wants to dash back home, but her reactions aren’t as severe.
  • She gets her stitches out on Saturday and I’m going to try the dog park. My only worry is that people are not real good about making sure both gates are not open at the same time. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is a reason there are two gates.