Let the training begin

RodgersWhat a great sight to come home to yesterday. I kept trying to get a picture of him actually looking at me but there are so many other things to look at in the yard. KJ had him out on the tie-out as I pulled into the driveway. Rodgers knows his name and ‘no’. He also knows how to come when called, but isn’t exact on that. The house training is going well, for the most part. Not perfect, but getting there. Brett is teaching him his bad habits, like eating cat poop and toilet paper and getting into garbage. But Rodgers responds well to an elevated voice, which I’ve found collies tend to do. Brett is indifferent to a loud voice.

I’m now starting to make Rodgers sit for a treat. Then will work on down. He is very treat motivated. His leash training is going well. When Brett is with us, Rodgers walks out with him, but if I take just Rodgers he responds well to walking next to me without pulling.

His right ear is starting to come up. Sometimes up, mostly back. All-in-all a really good puppy.


A huge thank you to transporters!

I wanted to take some time to thank the transporters who helped Lassie get to her new owner on Saturday (Brenda and Matt) and all our transporters in general who take time out of their weekends, pay for the gas, and help all collies get where they need to go. We have a wonderful transport coordinator, Vivian, and Mary filled in this weekend making this last minute transport for Lassie happen. A lot of effort goes into setting up these transports. Communicating back and forth about times and locations to meet and how much time to the next point, etc.

Lassie is a difficult traveler, so was double leashed, and from what I heard everything went well and by Saturday night she was in her new home exploring her new yard and already bonding with her new person. I’m so glad to know she will have undivided attention as the only dog, competing a bit with some kitties. I know she’s going to get way more attention now, than at my house, where there are six other pets that need attention.


Renoir/Rodgers did really well all weekend. He has access to the basement and goes down there to do his business on the newspaper, and is starting to give me signals. I just need to realize they are his signals!  He slept in this morning until 6:50, which may have been because I took him with me to St. Paul at 10:00 last night to pick KJ up from the train. He loves riding in the car and hasn’t been sick at all. Or maybe I should say yet. He looks out the windows and wants to stick his nose out, too.


I took him to Skyline on Friday for his next shot and he got a clean bill of health. Doc said he was a little on the thin side. You can feel his ribs, but he’s not bony through his hips. I’ve been feeding him in an all you can eat fashion, but will now start giving him about 1 and a half cups three times a day, and adjust if needed. I want him to finish his food in one sitting, then be hungry for the next. One more shot in a month, then neuter at six months. I didn’t bring in his chip, but will on the next visit. Apparently they can insert it at 10 weeks. I can say I think we can officially call this a foster failure, as I’m not giving him up. Will get the paperwork figured out and make it official. I bought him a new collar and leash yesterday afternoon. They don’t make martingale’s small enough, but will eventually get one of those on him.



lassie8Lassie has been adopted and will be moving to Illinois tomorrow. Her new person has a fully fenced yard and wants to work with her anxiety issues. She sounds like someone who will be perfect for her. Giving her way more attention than I can, too. The actual trip is going to be hard for her, but I look at this as exposing her to new experiences so she’s not so scared the next time. Knowing her more now after two months of fostering, I realize how scared she must have been when I picked her up and put her in my car. She really needs to learn that people are not going to hurt her and she’ll be fine.

The real training begins

Siblings are gone. Up to this point I haven’t done a whole lot of training. It felt kind of hopeless until I was able to focus on just one. So, let the real training begin! I started the leash training on Friday and after a few bucks and protesting, he settled down to walking with a slight tug or I just go where he wants to go. But it gets better and better each time. I was able to walk over to the neighbor’s yesterday evening and we hooked him up to her dog’s tie-out.

Up until last night pups had been in the basement, Couldn’t put Rodgers down there by himself, and my plan all along was to start the crate training once we were down to just him. Got him into the crate about 10:30. Two hours later he was up crying, so I took him out where he did Numbers one and two. Partay! Then back into the crate, where he was quiet the rest of the night. Heard him stirring at 6 a.m., so I took him and Lassie out on leashes into the park. It’s the best time for Lassie as it’s quiet. Sometimes someone walks by and there are even frisbee players at that hour, but not often. To my surprise, KJ came out of the house with Brett offering to take Brett and Rodgers around the park, so off they went while I stayed with Lassie.

Plans today to find a few more chew toys and hang around the house. Rodgers will go into the basement when no one is home, but nights will be in the crate. Here’s hoping tonight goes as well as last night did, as tomorrow is Monday and the start of my four marathon days that is working two jobs