Getting a good stretch

I haven’t posted in a while. It’s official. I adopted Rodgers about a month ago. Told them to cash the check ASAP before I changed my mind. While still a very cute puppy, he has moved into an independent and naughty stage. So far he hasn’t been much of a chewer. He has plenty of things he’s allowed to chew on and I think this helps a lot. He finally got Brett to play tug with him and this has become a favorite game. They’ve already gone through a stuffed bunny, finally beheading it the other day.

Speaking of bunnies, I can let Rodgers into the rabbit den and he will sniff at the bunnies, but doesn’t really know what to do with them. I need to get some pictures of that!

Rodgers waking upWhen my alarm goes off in the morning, Rodgers starts to get up, too. He often slides out of the chair, using the slide to get in a good stretch. He stays in this position for a bit, too, before sliding all the way to the floor. In this picture, Lily is making passes at him, near his face.

He’s trust-worthy in the bathroom department. I leave him loose overnight. Full run of the house. I now kennel him during the day. Hoping that by the first of the year, I will be able to just leave him loose all the time. Will try some small trial runs and keep extending them as long as he behaves.