5abea-009I just found out Mac’s family had to put him down yesterday. You can read his Rainbow Bridge story here. He was my 10th foster and he was definitely one I would have kept if I didn’t already have Brett and Thor. He came in from a farm who was frustrated with his herding of their horses. A little on the straggly side, he turned into a true beauty after a bath, regular brushing and good food. Such a gentle soul. He still holds the record of ‘holding it’ of all my fosters. He went the first three days at my house without peeing or pooping. Some dogs are just really shy about doing this when they’re on a leash and he was used to being loose on a horse farm.

You can start reading about him in this blog, in July, 2011. 8a13a-macandmaddieIt was hard to see him go, but he was adopted by wonderful people who gave him a loving home. Under their care, he continued to blossom, and became a special dog to them, too. While he never barked at my house, he found his voice there. We have kept in touch on Facebook and I was able to see pictures of his life. Going on long walks and trips to the dog park. He was loved and I’m so thankful they were able to give him a great life.

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