Former foster Diamond

DiamondDiamond’s owner sent a birthday greeting from him. Loved this dog. He was my foster when I first started this blog and decided it would be about my fosters. He was one of those special fosters, who started out so afraid (I had to carry him into and out of the house the first day). He improved daily and within a week was completely fine. It’s a visible sigh as they start to relax and trust. Had I not already had two dogs, Diamond would have been my first foster failure.

While I was walking him one night, I stepped in a hole, fell and shattered my ulna bone in my left arm. Billee J, offered to foster him and eventually adopted him.

You can read the posts about him starting September 6, 2010. Or just do a search for Diamond. While I decided to put fostering on hold during the winter, I am hankering for one. I’m dog-sitting at the end of the month, so once that is done, I will probably get a new foster.