Collie cop


On the deck with Lily

Baxter is a collie cop also known as the fun police. These dogs typically bark at any dog having fun. Thor was like this, so much so, that I stopped taking him to the dog park. I think Baxter wants to be the dominant dog, but seems to back down with a verbal correction. Brett is what I call a happy dominant. He mostly just runs around doing his happy thing, but if confronted will fight. Mostly he ignores dogs trying to boss him around.

We went for a beautiful Sunday morning walk. Double lead on Brett and Rodgers and regular leash on Baxter. He walks really well, either by my side or out in the grass investigating, but doesn’t pull. Every so often I needed to tug and say ‘c’mon’ when he wanted to stay with a smell. We got around to the hockey rinks on the other side of the park and I noticed the boards up blocking the opening on the far side. Brett can jump right over these. Baxter probably could, too, but I’m not sure he would have made the effort. Brett comes right back. I dragged the nets over, though, to block it completely. Let Baxter go and right away he and Brett got into a squabble as he tried to boss Brett around. A quick ‘hey!’ and they were fine. Baxter dealt with this by barking at Brett every time he ran toward him. Baxter didn’t move around a lot but he did run forth and back a bit. We stayed about 20 minutes, then headed back home. All three dogs are tuckered out, but not really in that dog park coma.

Vet appointment tomorrow afternoon, then will schedule a groom and he should be ready to go.

Number 25 official

I think they know the flash is going to go off when you point a camera at them.

I think they know the flash is going to go off when you point a camera at them.

I picked up Baxter this afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog this overweight. While he’s really tall, he’s also really wide. I asked if he could jump in the car and she said yes, he loves riding in the car. I opened up the back of my Jeep and he jumped like he knew what he was doing, but could not get enough umph for his back end. It took both of us to get him in. It will be interesting to see what he weighs. In the car at stop lights he was panting and the whole car shook. He kind of lumbers when he walks. He’s really pretty, but his coat is in bad shape. Dry and yellowish in places. His back end fur looks like it’s been hacked off.

Gives you an idea of what his coat looks like.

Gives you an idea of what his coat looks like.

Really sweet dog. I believe he’s older than four, but he’s already been very playful with Rodgers.

There won’t be any potty problems. Before I brought him in the house I took him over to the park and he took care of business right away. ¬†On a short leash, too.