Baxter groomBaxter is on his way to his new home, south of Chicago. After talking to him yesterday about Baxter, his new owner left this morning with a driving buddy and got here about 4:30. They’re going to stop somewhere tonight and finish the trip tomorrow.

It’s a perfect fit. He wants a dog who will connect with him and Baxter warmed up to him immediately, just standing next to him while we sat and went over stuff. It’s like they know they’re with their forever home. He will be an only dog so is going to get all the attention, too!



The best way to get a good picture is to use a treat. Problem with that is I don’t give out a lot of treats, or when I do, I’m usually about to leave the house. KJ made himself some burgers yesterday, ate them on the deck while I was reading and I was able to get this picture. It’s an attempt to give some size reference. Brett (center), is just under knee-high and about 50 pounds of pure muscle. Rodgers (right), is just about knee-high and about 60-65 pounds. Then Baxter (left), at above knee-high and 105 pounds. Except I noticed yesterday, that it looks like he might be starting to gain some shape, a little narrower through his hips, so he must be losing some pounds.

Baxter’s Spa Day

Baxter groomSuch a pretty boy! The groomer that MWCR member Laura Michlig suggested was booked solid for two weeks, so I went to Facebook and got a recommendation by three people for Jennifer Anderson, who is currently contracting through a place in Maple Grove, but will be opening up her own place in Osseo this summer. She grew up with collies, so she knows a lot about them.

She said he’s definitely been groomed before. Gave him three baths with conditioners because his coat is so dry. She feels he’s actually been shaved down which damaged his fur, but that with better care and food, feels it will improve greatly in 3-4 months.

You can tell he feels so much better! I dropped him off and was talking to Jen while her daughter started his bath. Baxter was whining and such as I left. When I got back you could tell immediately how much better he felt. He was prancing around the room eating up the attention he was getting. She took a video of him and sent it to me but I can’t get it off my phone.

Baxter groom1He’s quite tuckered out so he’s just sleeping now. As I was sitting on the deck, he eventually laid flat out and didn’t move while Brett, Rodgers and even the cats kept jumping over him going in and out of the doorway. If the weather holds I’ll take everybody for a walk later. Try to get more pictures.

Walking three dogs and my mood

I realized last night as I was walking three dogs in the park in the dark, does not bode well for my mood. I was using the double lead on my own dogs, Brett and Rodgers and a regular leash on Baxter. Rodgers can’t seem to figure out how not to get tangled up in any leash, and really can’t figure out the double lead. Brett will stop when Rodgers does, but Rodgers won’t when Brett stops. One of the things I love about Brett, too, is that when he does step over the leash he can get himself untangled. He’s really good at it, too.

I then tried three regular leashes, giving Rodgers a little more room. I think it’s Rodgers, really, who is the culprit in all of this. I have always been able to walk three dogs before, unless the foster needed a lot of leash training. Baxter is good on the leash. The only thing he does sometimesĀ is cross over in front of me at a slow pace, so I have to be careful not to run into him. He checks with me, to see what direction I’m going, too. I thought I was saving time by walking all three together for the potty breaks. I end up spending too much time maneuvering the leashes and untangling legs. And in all that fussing, Brett was the only one who regularly did what he was out there to do. This morning I took Rodgers and Baxter out first, and then Brett, for a total of 15 minutes. I can deal with this!

Tomorrow is Baxter’s spa day. I will get new pictures of him and also per request of my sister, get some pictures with size references.


105One hundred and five pounds. That is what Baxter weighs. Granted, he is big boned, but he needs to lose at least 15 pounds.

  • He is heartworm negative, but has anaplasmosis, a tick-born disease similar to Lyme, so he has medication for thatĀ and an anti-diarrhea, which he has, which is a symptom of the anaplasmosis.
  • A slight infection-pus thing on his penis, so I have this liquid stuff to wipe on him.
  • He has the start of cataracts in both eyes, which places him closer to seven than four. Dr. Ken looked at his teeth and estimated 5-6 years old, then saw his eyes and said cataracts usually don’t show up until around seven.
  • No previous chip, so he is now microchipped.
  • Grooming appointment on Friday

I figured out I can let him jump into the passenger front seat and then into the back of the Jeep. Way easier than taking two people to hoist him in the rear door.

He really is a very sweet dog. He woke me up at 2:30 a.m. to go outside. I’m out there walking up and down the park keeping an eye out for coyotes. Not that they would come near me with a dog that big!

KJ said he was going to take Brett and Rodgers to the dog park, and I will then take Baxter for a solo walk. It’s a gorgeous evening. He doesn’t walk fast, so he’d be a great companion for someone who likes to walk and take their time.