Foster sitting

CassieI am foster sitting for the weekend. I don’t know her history. I can’t find the original email that went out for her foster request. She is currently unavailable as she is still under the evaluation time period.

She is a very sweet tricolor girl. Petite and shy, but possesses a huge bark. She has a big appetite. I fed her this morning and right now she’s finishing up what Rodgers and Brett left in their bowls. I may regret that later if her stomach reacts to the different food. She’s not nuts about the tie-out, but I’m also walking her. I believe she’d rather do her business w/o me watching.

She barked at KJ last night, but then this morning when he came into my room she just stayed away from him. She has latched onto me, but I’m sure will be ecstatic to see Laurie on Monday.