The puppies arrived Sunday night right on schedule. I had everything ready to go. We got collars on them and straightened out as to who was who and who was going where. Had a houseful with several people stopping by to get a puppy fix and snuggle.


KJ with Dickens

It was a puppy party!

Once everybody left, we got them into the pen and it was time to pass out.


On Monday I took two to local foster homes. Monday evening, two former swim students of mine came over to visit.

kendal kevin

Tuesday and Wednesday were regular days of playing, cleaning, playing, cleaning, going to work, coming home, playing, cleaning, sleeping!

This is after cleaning, hoping to come back out:


This morning was transport to Wisconsin for everybody except Tennyson, who got a bath and spent time upstairs until I had to go to work.


Took a quick video. Brett gets too rough and Tennyson eventually came running to me for protection. Such a sweetie. I already want to keep him! But no. I do not need three dogs.

I left him in the pen crying like he was dying, all alone where there used to be so many. I’m going to have him sleep in a kennel in my room overnight so some house training will start. I believe he has an adopter, details just need to be worked out.


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