Constant chewing

tennyson2When I got home last night, KJ had Tennyson in the pen in the basement. I heard him from the garage and asked if he was in the pen and he said, “yeah, I got tired of watching him’. My thought was, lucky he’s not a human baby!

After a restless Friday night, he passed out shortly after putting him in the kennel and didn’t wake up until about 4. I got up, took him outside, did his business and back to bed and he let me sleep until 7:30.

I have now spent the morning getting after him for EVERYTHING. He has approved things to chew on, but he’d rather chew on the carpet, corners of cabinets, toes, Brett, Rodgers and his favorite are the chair rungs. He is a busy boy. It’s hard to get pictures because he isn’t still for very long.


One thought on “Constant chewing

  1. sounds like my Lexie when she was a puppy. I often wondered if I had been drinking when I decided to bring home a puppy!!! That went on for about 6 months, I think. I had to spray everything with bitter apple to get her to stop.

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