eb7fb-baron_0175b15dBaron was my second foster dog, fostered in August, 2009 (before I started this blog). He came into rescue as a stray, running around Barron, Wis., for several weeks before someone caught him, closing him in their garage. He was transferred to MWCR from the county humane society. I drove up there and was told he was a high flight risk. We double leashed him and carried him to my car. Decided Baron was a good name for him on the drive back. It took KJ pushing him from behind and me pulling from the front to get him out of the car. He was literally fur, skin and bones. I don’t remember him needing a lot of house-training, so guessing he spent time inside, but his history was a complete mystery.

He spent the first week in my closet, but gradually came out of his shell, gaining confidence each day. When I write about fosters who give a visible sigh when they realize they are safe, Baron is who I think of. He was adopted by people in Iowa, who knew he needed patience and through their care has really blossomed.

baronHis owner sent this picture to the rescue’s Facebook page today, saying he loves to have his picture taken. I love these updates!