Second night much better!

It took him longer to settle down in the crate, but Sparky eventually slept and slept and slept, all through the night. He didn’t even want to get up when KJ left for work. I was awake, however, waiting for him to cry, so I could get him outside. That’s important, to teach him that crying is associated with wanting to go outside,

So now we’re up for the day at the crack of dawn for me. I think being home all day yesterday helped. I had him outside every few hours. I have a lot to do today, so he will be in and out of the basement kennel.

He’s getting along great with Brett and Rodgers and is trying to get Moose to play with him. Energy, energy, energy!

I literally scared the pee out of him when I screamed at the end of the Green Bay game when they won on a walk-off touchdown in overtime.

Sparky’s first night

It went really well. I got off work. KJ had left for a party and put him down in the kennel. I could hear him crying and hoped he hadn’t been crying for hours. I don’t think KJ was gone long, because Sparky hadn’t gone in the kennel and didn’t go outside, either.

I brought the crate in and got it set up in my bedroom, spent a little time playing, took him outside where he peed – party! Then went to bed. He cried for about five minutes, then settled down.

Woke up about 3:30, took him out, he peed – another party!

Back to bed, slept until 8:00. I’d say that’s a pretty good first night. This morning I hooked him onto the tie-out and out we went, pee and poop – party!

Now we’re hanging out. Sparky wants to play, Rodgers and Brett not so much. They did play last night, but I suspect my dogs want a quieter morning.

Vet appointment this week. Pretty sure he will get adopted quickly. He’s a puppy, eh?