Sparky’s first night

It went really well. I got off work. KJ had left for a party and put him down in the kennel. I could hear him crying and hoped he hadn’t been crying for hours. I don’t think KJ was gone long, because Sparky hadn’t gone in the kennel and didn’t go outside, either.

I brought the crate in and got it set up in my bedroom, spent a little time playing, took him outside where he peed – party! Then went to bed. He cried for about five minutes, then settled down.

Woke up about 3:30, took him out, he peed – another party!

Back to bed, slept until 8:00. I’d say that’s a pretty good first night. This morning I hooked him onto the tie-out and out we went, pee and poop – party!

Now we’re hanging out. Sparky wants to play, Rodgers and Brett not so much. They did play last night, but I suspect my dogs want a quieter morning.

Vet appointment this week. Pretty sure he will get adopted quickly. He’s a puppy, eh?


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