Tiller has arrived

Tiller meets Rodgers

Foster #29. Tiller is a blue merle rough coated male, about six months old. Very sweet, but needs a lot of work with manners. He knows ‘sit’ and is now learning ‘down’. He counter surfs as soon as I leave the kitchen. Will try to take food right out of my hand.

He’s thin and his coat is dry, but once his coat matures it promises to be long and thick. He has those really long outer hairs sticking out of the puppy fuzz.

We had a rough first night. I came home from work to lots of poop in the basement enclosure. Got that cleaned up and decided I would crate him overnight. He does appear to be crate-trained as he went right in and laid down. We were then up every couple hours with a serious case of diarrhea. While he seems to ride well in the car, I’m guessing travel day took its toll on his body.

I think it’s calming down now, though. We’ll see how the rest of the day plays out. I work again, so he will go back downstairs.


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