Sweet and gentle

The hershey squirts have passed but last night wasn’t any better at sleeping through the night. Thinking it’s just part of the transition process.

Tiller is a very sweet and gentle collie. Sensitive, which is also typical. He has interest in the kitties, and they are adjusting to him.

Things to work on:

  • He is good on a leash, doesn’t pull, but likes to wander/stand in front of me.
  • His counter surfing and thinking he can take what he wants.
  • Just being in the kitchen in general. My kitchen is very small and I am tripping over him as he wants to be right there.
  • He seems to be house broken, but when left in the downstairs kennel when I’m at work, he does do his business in there.
  • Distraction when he barks. He barks a lot.

We started out in the crate in my bedroom last night, but at some point in the wee hours I left him loose with the gate at the door, so he was confined to my room. He laid inside the open crate for the most part.

He seems to be scratching at his ears a lot. Don’t know if it’s a boredom thing, or if there is something deep down, as his ears are clear. When I get his chip I’ll have the vet look at them.


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