In his new furever home

Tiller met a couple in Golden Valley a week ago, and they loved him. He got on well with their collie, Seamus (pronounced Shamus, which I didn’t know). They thought it over and decided he would make a good addition to their home and I took Tiller over to stay last night.

The last few days here were hard because I was busy and wasn’t able to give Tiller the exercise he needed. His barking increased and he was getting into the garbage constantly. I explained this to Julie and Jason when I dropped him off. They had already planned a walk, which started as I left. Tiller didn’t give me so much as a parting glance 🤔, but it really just told me he was happy 😁 and in the right place.

I got an update this morning that they took him for a second walk and played with him, to wear him out.

He will settle down as long as they keep draining his energy. And as he gets older he will learn how to behave in his down time.