By me. Renamed (Lam)Beau.

Knowing he needs more exercise than I can give him, we took him to the dog park for the first time yesterday. I figured if we go during the week when kids are in school, things would go better. He’s just so reactive to kids. And there are parents who bring their small kids to this dog park and let them run like it’s a playground. KJ came with me, because if something happens, he can run to the dogs much faster than I can.

It went really well. Beau’s chase drive is very high, but he doesn’t plow into other dogs. He’s quick and can turn on a dime. Would probably make a great herder. He was respectful to other dogs, too. His recall is excellent, even with his new name. I didn’t bring any treats, and he still comes running. As long as I can get his attention. He seems completely bonded with me. His recall is Woodson level. Woodson was so joyful as he ran back to me when I called him.

This morning when I took both dogs out across the street first thing, there were kids waiting for the bus, and while he wanted to react to them, a simple ‘no’ from me calmed him down. This is HUGE!