#3 – Mona


Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society (BENCHS) posted a collie puppy for adoption.  We were alerted by someone who saw the ad, and I started the process of contacting them. Introducing myself and the rescue. Terri, from BENCHS texted me asking if text was an okay form of communication. She needed to talk to her director. Got back to me later saying they would work with us.

Emails transpired with two possible people who live in Mankato to contact to see if they could pull Mona from the shelter and hold her overnight until we could get someone to pick her up. That someone being Terry, our president who even has a sticker on her car that says ‘collie taxi’. Terry is amazing with all of her transporting between these snow storms we’ve been having this month. Side note on the snow: we will most likely break the all-time record for snowfall in the month of February.

I contacted a couple who was more than happy to help. Mona was already on their radar, as they were considering adding a friend for their current dog, an MWCR alumni. But then decided it wasn’t the right time to do that, as their dog needed more training.

Mona is an adorable wiggle-butt who loves attention and giving kisses. Terri sent me a video of her greeting people at the shelter and oh man, I wish I were going to pick her up.  She was given to the police from a woman who said she found her as a stray, then handed over to BENCHS.

It is so great when we can work with the shelters as a win-win solution. A big thank you to Terri, Terry, Keith, Judith and BENCHS.

#2 – Josie

We first learned of Josie through a Craigslist ad a member alerted us to.  Oftentimes people will see a collie advertised on Craigslist or in a shelter and let us know. Located northwest of Duluth, the ad said they needed to rehome her.

I called them on Monday afternoon and found out they had only had her for two months. They got her from someone who was keeping her tied up outside full time. Things were going well, until she started getting food aggressive and getting into fights with their other dogs. The woman felt that she couldn’t trust Josie around her daughter. She was unaware of MWCR. I explained what we do and gave her our website. She wanted to discuss it with her husband.

Tuesday morning she contacted me saying they would be sad to let Josie go, but felt good about surrendering her to us. By Tuesday evening we had a volunteer willing to drive north to pick her up the very next day.

Transfer date: Feb. 13, 2019

#1 – Blue

My first official intake.

Blue’s owner first contacted us letting us know he was thinking about surrendering him. He was never properly socialized and he was working with a trainer dealing with aggression issues. After talking to him he decided he wanted to keep trying, feeling he hadn’t given him enough time. A few weeks later he contacted me again saying as hard as it was, he felt that the best thing for Blue was to surrender him to us, where we could offer more training while working on finding a new family.

Transfer date: Feb. 11, 2019

Changing my direction

I have pretty much stopped fostering. Especially with having Beau as he is a handful and I really want to focus on his training.

Starting this month I have become a member of the intake team and it occurred to me today that I could start writing about the dogs I am helping to bring into the rescue. I’ve officially done two now, so this is the new direction of this blog. I will write about the intake process, and then update with adoption news.