Update from Blue’s new home

Just thought I’d send you a note to update you with Blue. He’s a FANTASTIC dog!!!!!!!! He has issues with eating if Sadie is within sight but we’re working on that and it’s getting better all the time as we figure out what works and what doesn’t. He has settled in here very well and is learning the routine of daily life. He gets along great with Sadie and loves to run and play with her in the backyard. And, all through the house too! He’s very good with my cats and is accepting that they don’t like to be herded all the time. Confuses him a bit when they just sit there and refuse to move!! Also, he has what I would think would be a comfy dog bed but chooses to be a rather large “bed hog” in my bed!! He’s a snuggler but so is Sadie. Usually one on each side of me sound asleep!!  LOL!!! So to sum it all up… He’s a PERFECT fit here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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