Ian is a 10-month-old sable and white rough collie who is being surrendered because his mom has too much on her plate right now and cannot spend the extra time needed for a young dog. She lives in a townhouse and will be evicted due to Ian’s excessive barking.  

Ian has been with his mom since he was four months old, is very friendly, just has a lot of that puppy energy. He loves other dogs, but he can sometimes get too rough when he plays. He recently nipped at someone at the dog park when they pushed him away from their dog. He currently lives with one other dog and a cat.

 Ian is housebroken, but doesn’t always alert mom when he has to go out. He is not crate-trained, sleeps in the bed with mom. He walks on a leash but can lunge at things he wants to get to. He is shy with new people but warms up quickly. 


I have fallen way behind in adding new posts and updating on adoptions, so here goes.

I did update the intake history page with new dogs and I’m currently working on one for sure and a possible.

Adopted: Chance, Teddy, Duke, Shiloh and the four puppies

Cosette is a 6-year-old sable-headed white, who was originally adopted from MWCR several years ago, but her family now has four kids under the age of five so decided she would be better off in a new home that could give her more attention. She was adopted in June.

Rocky is a collie mix whose mom took him off her brother’s farm where he was just tied up all the time. She already had Rocky’s brother in her home, but thought it best to surrender Rocky to us since he looks like a collie. He has not been adopted yet.

Carmel is a bit of a sad story. Her dad was ill and could not care for her very well. She is 11 years old and her coat had become quite matted, so a neighbor wanted to help and took her in to get groomed and she was ultimately shaved right down to the skin. In the meantime the dad’s brother had contacted MWCR about surrendering her to us. She also had wandered off and ended up at the Golden Valley Humane Society. We were able to connect the dots and Carmel is in her foster home where she is being spoiled with treats and recovering from a slight bout of pneumonia.

Charlotte is the most recent collie I worked with, coming from a farm in North Dakota, where she was chasing cars and her owner was afraid she would get hit.