Being a little stinker!

Don’t believe the peacefulness. She’s chewing on EVERYTHING! Paper bags, chair rungs, newspaper, carpet, flip-flops and yes, she has toys, which she also chews on. She is making daily improvement on her socializing. She is now seeking attention and being less of a ‘greased pig’, as it was so aptly described by Kitty Hilk, when she had all the puppies for a few days until they went to foster homes.

This morning she is using the newspaper I have on the floor for potty. It’s been raining and raining, so hard to get her outside. Ideally she will need a home with a fenced yard. I don’t have one so I take her out on a leash and while she is walking better on the leash, she doesn’t seem to want to do her business. Not sure if that’s because I’m following her or what. I take her out knowing she has to go, and she’s all over with her nose to the ground, but doesn’t do anything.

I also know at this point if she did slip her collar, or got loose, she would not come to me. You know, how you can make noises and talk really high and all dogs come running? There is no response from her when I do this. I think she will eventually.

KJ had friends over the other day and they all took turns holding her and when I let her out of the crate she is jumping up on me now, showing me her happiness. She follows me around the house wanting to be near me. All good signs.

3 thoughts on “Being a little stinker!

  1. Oh, but she is such a CUTE little stinker! I’m sure that with your firm-yet-patient guidance she’ll settle down a bit soon and become more obedient too.

  2. Ahem, not ALL dogs come when you do that voice. Jordan thought getting loose was the best thing in the world and it could sometimes take over an hour to get him back no matter what tricks I tried. He thought it was hilarious. Stinkers indeed.

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