Rodgers likes to watch tv. I don’t have video of it. Tried to take a picture of him watching the tennis over the weekend. Didn’t work out. He sits in my lap and alertly looks at the tv. You have to wonder what they’re thinking. I understand the tennis and football. It’s a lot of movement, but sometimes it’s just commercials. Last night the news had a story about tracking what your dog does during the day and how much exercise it’s getting. Rodgers was fascinated! See video here.

He now knows ‘sit’. Yesterday I said ‘sit’ when I gave him his food and he sat immediately. I was thinking he learned that pretty fast, but KJ said he’d been working on it with him, too. So we’ll move on to ‘down’ and then ‘stay’.

The dog park in Brooklyn Park is having their Dog Expo this Saturday. MWCR will have a booth and I’ll bring Rodgers to wow the crowd with his cuteness! It will also wear him out, which is my ulterior motive 🙂