Good first night alone

rogersandtennysonI got home from work, opened the door and the chorus started up. Brought Tennyson outside to walk around in the grass and he peed. Came in and played with him for a bit. My son had brought the kennel into the living room (I asked him to bring it to my bedroom), so I dragged it up the stairs, got a blanket in, then let him run around more, put him in the kennel and settled in for the night. There was crying. You know when kids know exactly how many times to bug you about something before you give in? I knew I just had to beat that time and we’d be fine. After about what felt like hours, but was probably only 20 minutes we achieved sleep. And slept until 7 a.m.!

Out of my warm bed, I carried him down to the basement for doggie duty. I decided I would do this instead of going outside, mostly because I knew there was big doggie poop in the yard from last night and I didn’t want to step in it in the dark. Plus, I’m thinking, Tennyson already goes on the newspaper down there in the pen. And when I clean the pen, he goes on the papers set outside the pen . . . it worked.

Sitting with my coffee, now later and I’m going to leave the basement gate open and we’ll see if he goes down there on his own. He loves to chew on the carpet and can go up and down steps like a champ. The force is strong in this one 🙂



The puppies arrived Sunday night right on schedule. I had everything ready to go. We got collars on them and straightened out as to who was who and who was going where. Had a houseful with several people stopping by to get a puppy fix and snuggle.


KJ with Dickens

It was a puppy party!

Once everybody left, we got them into the pen and it was time to pass out.


On Monday I took two to local foster homes. Monday evening, two former swim students of mine came over to visit.

kendal kevin

Tuesday and Wednesday were regular days of playing, cleaning, playing, cleaning, going to work, coming home, playing, cleaning, sleeping!

This is after cleaning, hoping to come back out:


This morning was transport to Wisconsin for everybody except Tennyson, who got a bath and spent time upstairs until I had to go to work.


Took a quick video. Brett gets too rough and Tennyson eventually came running to me for protection. Such a sweetie. I already want to keep him! But no. I do not need three dogs.

I left him in the pen crying like he was dying, all alone where there used to be so many. I’m going to have him sleep in a kennel in my room overnight so some house training will start. I believe he has an adopter, details just need to be worked out.

Bella has been adopted

She leaves for her trek across Wisconsin to her new home in Kenosha in about an hour. Terry is coming to pick her up and take her as far as Eau Claire, then another person will take her to Wisconsin Dells where she will meet her new mom. I can’t say enough about how our transport coordinator puts these together, and people step up to do the driving. MWCR is such an incredible rescue, full of so many people who help in so many ways.

I was remiss in checking her vet records and when I did I realized she is actually not up to date on her shots, which as her foster mom, I should have had taken care of, but we will work something out with her new mom. I wouldn’t have been able to get her over to the vet, anyway, with my car not being able to make more than a trip to work and back until I get it fixed.

I will miss Miss B. She’s been such a good dog.


Settling in and learning new ways

Bella1Bella is relaxing more and more. She’s learning the routine and has learned how to navigate the tie-out. The first time I put her out with it, she just stood there looking at me. Now she goes out and does her business right away.  She would prefer to stay outside, but I don’t leave any of my dogs out on the tie-out for long periods of time.

Rodgers keeps at her trying to get her to play. The first time she barked at him in a ‘leave me alone’ kind of way. He keeps trying and she’s now shown some interest. I think he will succeed at some point. She was an only dog in her former home, so is not used to being pestered by another dog.

She has started to whine at the cats. As if she would chase them if they ran, They don’t and she can’t figure that out!

She’s on the website as available.