Time out!

Or I can look at it as Beau wearing her out. They had quite the romp this morning turning the living room into a NASCAR track. They took their own time out and then went again. Beau starts to get a little too rough, so the only way I can settle them down is to gate them in the upstairs hallway.

We got rid of the living room couch today preparing to get new flooring so not tonight they kind of have an open space.

I can also report that her aim has gotten better on the newspapers!

I suppose I should head to bed before she lays down to sleep. She is still getting me up about 3 a.m., but then waits for me to wake up at 8 before she starts crying to get out.

Brooklyn Park’s Dog Expo is tomorrow, so I may bring her over for that before I got to work, but I also REALLY need to vacuum now that the couch is gone.